Progress! After a couple of hours cutting and grinding the mount to fit, it's a lot steadier.

Work in progress: a one micron repeatable gigapan microscopy stage... with 22 EEG amplifier channels! (Only because I can't be bothered to remove them...)

In case anyone was wondering, vintage EEGs are an excellent source of ridiculously nice servo motors. If you don't mind dealing with the occasional ink spill.

tired: Tesla coil in a backpack
wired: Complete CRISPR Cas9 genetic engineering lab in a backpack

My life improved dramatically when I finally understood why the sky is blue, like really why.

Pill organizers are fantastic for collecting pollen samples. Just take a photo when collecting. So organized and compact!

An incredibly detailed lifesize octopus cut from one sheet of paper by artist Masayo Fukuda - "At first glance, the beautiful artwork looks as though it was rendered using fine-tipped pens, but Fukuda carefully cut every detail from one sheet of paper."

They manufactured one using their "soft imprint lithographic method" which consists of... (*checks notes*)... casting it directly from a dead moth's eye. MADNESS.

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