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MIT also had their content knocked out by Youtube. 1.5M subscribers.

Thank you to @rysiek for pointing out that you can follow #Blender's new PeerTube instance on Mastodon at @blender

(It works because both #PeerTube and #Mastodon use the #ActivityPub standard)

current status, overfitting my model like it's fashion week

I've been listening to Adam Savage from the Mythbusters for years and this is one of the most intense stories I've heard

< 10 minutes to double-check backups and upgrade. Not bad!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Masto-friends, already in progress...

brb, upgrading to 2.4.1...

Be humble in what you convey, compassionate in what you perceive

maybe the real infohazards are the friends we made along the way

This is fascinating: How NASA's early images of the moon were much better than we realised:

Clang: "Foolish mortal. Member variable initialization follows order of declaration!"

GCC: "Cool program, brah. Good luck with that!"

First the marshmallow test fails to stand up to scrutiny and now the Stanford prison experiment. Well, hopefully that means these particular fields will make genuine progress.