As someone who knows little of virtualisation this is what I imagine a hypervisor is

Haven't been this happy to see those lights in a while.

Now that I have my local version of #BigGAN running, exploring the wilderness and weirdness of its latent space will become a bit faster and comfortable.

And we seem to be quite out of date. brb, updating masto... is back. Sorry for the downtime; disk was full of backups. :oh_no:

OMG this is AWESOME!! You can get it to generate images from hundreds of categories & even interpolate between two images.

Here's a cross between a border collie and a bullfrog, and a cross between a garter snake and a stopwatch

the Hololens "Typography" page has such an uncanny mixture of the practical and buzzwordy and utopian scifi "Text in both the physical world and the virtual world needs to be legible and readable. Text could be on a wall or superimposed on a physical object. It could be floating along with a digital user interface. [...] For the user's comfort, two meters is the optimal distance for placing holograms. We can use this distance as a basis to find the optimal font size."

At the beach, thinking about human time and geological time, right there in front of us. I picked up a tiny stone and there it was, a fossil. But the footprints are already gone.

We are nothing in earth time, a feather, a single breath.

"Just because you have an epiphany doesn’t mean it’s going to be true,” says Gregory Feist. “That’s the starting point of science, that great insight. It’s not the end." Paper on reverse engineering RNN dynamics. Building a thing you don't understand that can understand another thing, and then reverse engineering it... it's like second order science

Sad times. Only minutes into the bake, and the INT HV supply seems to have developed a problem. Which is a hard lock-out for bake. No time to troubleshoot tonight; I'll dig into this next week.

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