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Rob Flickenger ⚡

My policy for anything Azure related: Take off and nuke the site from orbit. it's the only way to be sure.

...via this interesting look at photonic crystals in weevil chitin:

How did I miss this? Stimulating squid chromatophores with music.

Today involved three trips to home depot, two terrifying trips in a 16' van, one surprise fork lift, a safely relocated SEM, and very excellent tacos. With the best hacker crew I could possibly hope to have on this job. Thanks everybody for a successful move!

[source code for preceding example]

The Office is a room. A pencil is in the office.

Sighing is an action applying to nothing.

Understand "sigh" as sighing.

Report sighing:
say "You sigh."

[how does inform 7 manage to make this bleak scenario seem *even bleaker*]

@thomasfuchs I've yet to see anything I like better than the Sharp X1 (a Z80 system from Japan). Beautiful red case, builtin tape deck, matching keyboard and CRT.

You never appreciate how much junk you've got until you need to move it.

also: did you know that the idea that humans have a poor sense of smell (compared to e.g. dogs and rodents) is a 19th century myth derived partly from religious politics of the Catholic Church in France
yes seriously

how changing the focal length impacts the picture