Last week's emitter didn't work out. Guess it's time to make more tungsten crystals!

If you're wondering about my janky rig, it's a repurposed carbon coater + variac. Vacuum at 8e-1 Pa, weight is a stainless hex nut. Cook at 10 VAC for roughly 90 minutes.

...and after baking for a day, it didn't work. Turns out the loop shifted a bit when flashing as it annealed. Here's the trouble (the small dot on the wire to the upper left of the center hole is the point. It should be precisely in the center).

After some questionable spot welding surgery, I was able to move the now annealed wire over a bit and get it centered in the aperture. It's back in the scope and baking again. See you tomorrow for the next exciting chapter!

RELATED: spot welding sub-100 micron wire is challenging. Brb, making some more.

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