@tek I'm surprised nobody has "disrupted" internet ads with a blocker that fetches but does not display. It could even randomly "click" on ad links while supplying signal jamming fingerprints.

Think of the cognitive dissonance for the ad providers when the click-through rate suspiciously skyrockets and they have to choose between taking the money and admitting the whole industry is a sham.


@hackerfriendly I would totally participate in a wheat-vs-chaff attack.

@tek @hackerfriendly I would find that interesting.

My guess is that they would take the money though, I am not expecting any sort of honesty from ad providers.

@arcans @tek @hackerfriendly

a number of random cats visit my garden; some are better behaved than others. if outdoor touchscreens were not so expensive, I would deliberately feed ads with annoying animations to them so they were spending their money on clicks from kitties 😸 (and it also distracts the cats from trashing plants of fouling areas of the garden).

Maybe this could also be used to entertain/exercise other smol pets?

@arcans @hackerfriendly Agreed, but the advertisers themselves might have something to say about that.

@tek Good point. This tool needs to be a distributed effort, with a peer-to-peer back channel for coordinating clicks. It should be installed on every wifi lightbulb!

Sort of a massive network of click bots... for Distributed Denial of Simply looking at ads. Needs a catchy acronym tho.

@starbreaker @klomb @hackerfriendly I’ve gotta agree. I use Safari mostly, and Firefox when I need something different. Chrome is way down my list.

@hackerfriendly @tek This exists. I didn't keep track, but I know of at least 3 intended for that purpose, and there are a bunch of others meant to be used to scam advertisers out of money.

dark marketing/advertising advice is to set up bots to 'drain' the wallet of competitors who are advertising on google as its cheaper to do that than compete with your own ads. The whole industry is riddled with this kinda stuff, so it isn't that hard to spin it toward mass disruption.

@hackerfriendly @tek That would mean the scripts would still run and biggest reason to block ads is to prevent malicious code execution

@hackerfriendly @tek yes that’s one motivation, but saving internet traffic also means saving energy, and I’m not sure online ads would die because of some people using such tools

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