The etch took far too long and ended up making a long thin needle.

The tip isn't too bad. It's within a factor of 4 or so of where it should be. Since I'm taking these photos using an emitter I made (that I couldn't inspect), I know I'm on the right track.


There are definitely issues with the EDS. Here's some gold at about 30,000X. Nice definition in the grains, but artifacts all over the place. Every EDS photo has the same repeating vertical pattern. The other pic is that weld again. Looks great except for all the artifacts.

Still lots of work to do, but the beam was rock solid for hours. Very encouraged by these results.

@hackerfriendly Since I saw you took a picture of just the artifacts, could some image processing be done to subtract the pattern as a post-processing step?

@hackerfriendly Oh, I was catching up and now I see that there was a grounding problem that you fixed.

@ratha Turns out subtracting the noise in photoshop also works ok. You've got 16 bits of contrast, so it's fairly forgiving if you're ultimately looking at it on a screen. But it's much better not to introduce noise in the first place.

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