This is why I ❤️ the interwebs. Three clicks and an exact replacement is on the way. In the meantime I devised a highly technical alternative cooling scheme.

Now for normal flash adjustment. Tear into the bowels of the main power supply. Remove one panel from the HV tank. Locate VR7. Poke your screwdriver into the live HV supply while crouching inside the high current supply. This is about a ten minute job. Thanks, JEOL.

Strong flash: not a problem. Turn a tiny potentiometer on the HT I/O board, on the right of the chassis. A quick adjust and the strong flash is verified within spec.

Aligned, installed, and wrapped like a baked potato. Bake is on, and I won't know if it worked until tomorrow night. 😬

So today's yield is one base, ready to etch. Gonna call it a day. I'll try for etch and bake (and fix loop #2) tomorrow.

...aaaand no luck with #2. Got a spark, which detonated the weld and broke the loop. 😑

...and, annealed! Now two more spots, an etch, bake, and hopefully, BEAM!

If only I could print Tungsten, I'd be done by now. Paper makes a decent enough reference guide for all this trimming and welding.

It's never been easier to really know where your towel is. Just try not to accidentally swallow it.

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