@tek Thankfully not. Just snow and sleet, but yesterday was finally dry. It felt good to move again!

No matter how hard I look elsewhere, this is probably the most perfect PC to walk into starbucks and sit next to a macbook air user with

Tired of remembering the idiosyncratic syntax of every cloud backend storage tool? Me too. github.com/ncw/rclone

Am I the only one that reads WALinuxAgent as WALuigiAgent in the process table? I mean, it's just about as dastardly...

Amazon caught selling counterfeits of publisher’s computer books—again arstechnica.com/?p=1456467

Silk woven portrait of Joseph-Marie Jacquard, woven by Michel-Marie Carquillat on a Jacquard loom - France, 1839.

The program for this weave required Carquillat to encode ~24,000 Jacquard punch cards.

The image is fine detailed enough to capture detail like the translucency of the curtains over the window.

This achievement was one of the main things that later convinced Babbage to use punch cards for his Analytical Engine, cascading into actual use in computing later on.

#art #retrocomputing

Dear kids in Washington State: you can make an appointment with your doctor, or walk into a clinic or ER, and get vaccinated. You don't need permission from your parents. You don't have to wait until you are 18. If the health care provider gets confused, the magic phrase is "Mature Minor Doctrine", and point out that not wanting to catch measles is sign of sufficient maturity.

Please reshare, and copypaste this any place this would be useful.

@tek Good point. This tool needs to be a distributed effort, with a peer-to-peer back channel for coordinating clicks. It should be installed on every wifi lightbulb!

Sort of a massive network of click bots... for Distributed Denial of Simply looking at ads. Needs a catchy acronym tho.

@tek I'm surprised nobody has "disrupted" internet ads with a blocker that fetches but does not display. It could even randomly "click" on ad links while supplying signal jamming fingerprints.

Think of the cognitive dissonance for the ad providers when the click-through rate suspiciously skyrockets and they have to choose between taking the money and admitting the whole industry is a sham.


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