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It's never been easier to really know where your towel is. Just try not to accidentally swallow it.

computer-generated writing about computer-generated music is like computer-generated dancing about computer-generated architecture

Straightening 1.5mm thick steel wire using a drill and a piece of plastic with a hole in it.

"Instead of saying how old you are, say what level you are. Like instead of 50 years old, your level 50"

Not sure where I remember this quote from, but I still find it interesting. I do believe people would be more proud of their "age" if used in the context.

Strong Bad on Birdsite: For April Fool's day this year, I wish Bubs would feed all my sbemails into his discount neural network and see what kinda insane, eyeball-covered gold it would spit out."

Me: as it turns out, i have access to a discount neural net

Trying to build OpenCL support for Tensorflow. So far I have had to downgrade my Ubuntu version, kernel, GPU driver, java, bazel & various libraries. Now it doesn't like my compiler.

The HOWTO helpfully suggests "Hopefully it built without errors, if it did, try to fix them."

Latent vectors make me happy! Of course I don't have a mustache. And I'm not in my 50s. And it's supremely creepy that I wasn't smiling in the original photo. But otherwise yeah.


When your only tools are a reciprocating saw and a cello, all your problems start looking like digital electronics.

These faces are breaking my brain. I never thought I'd have use for the phrase, "your axes of reality are not orthogonal".

Who needs friends when you can make them with Jupyter and StyleGAN?

Listening to Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

"When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain't the way."

Words to live by, for any scientist.

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