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Ah, ground planes with no thermal reliefs, ancient unwickable solder, and tissue thin conformal coating. Time for extreme measures.

...and OF COURSE there are wires tack soldered to the back of several pins.

Today's exciting microscope maintenance task: replacing some 40 year old DIP switches with some new ones that (hopefully) stay properly latched.

10 micron tubules on an insect egg. The thread in the first shot is likely spider silk. The entire egg is only about a millimeter tall.

Milly's beam is finally aligned and stable enough to take multiple photos at varying focal depths. Here are two focus stacked pollen grains, and a third non-stacked grain for comparison. Zoom in for full effect.

The Amazon Algorithm became so good at predicting what you need that they launched "Amazon Lucky Prime".

Pay whatever you want per month and The Algorithm ships you whatever you are most likely going to need.

Worked great until the time everyone received ...

Voltages I've measured in this chassis: 4.2, 4.8, 7.4, 8.5, 9.0, 28.1, 28.8, 30.5, 33, 52.6, 54, -29, and -30.7 VDC. Also, 352 VAC. THE COLORS, THEY MEAN NOTHING. ⚡

JEOL were masters in understatement. The phrase "may differ slightly" is better rendered as "here there be dragons".

> Radio Shack has been in business for almost 90 years. Throughout this time, Radio Shack advertised its products in countless publications. Flip through over 400 pages of Radio Shack electronics ads. #WibyFinds

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