At last! My personal desk computer is running again, after 19 days. I am very angry at whoever packed my desk for the move. (I was the one who packed my desk.)

“When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you.” — journalists, Hollywood, universities

I use Feedly, not "social media", to follow writers, creators, journalists, webcomics, artists, and news sources. Why? Because: every post, every time, in order, on every device. No "engagement" control, no pay-for-eyeballs, no censorship, no deplatforming, no spyware, no "growth hacking". And if Feedly screws up or shuts down, I can take my opml file and pour it into one of many other SaaS or open source feedreaders, and continue right where I left off.

"Rebuild everything with all different assumptions that screw over all the other stakeholders, who are people I don't like away, so I can have this one thing that I want without having to pay for it". Yeah, no. That's a big pile of nope. And don't ask again.

Any sufficiently advanced sophistry is indistinguishable from reason.

I just read the dumbest thing I may have read all year. Apparently "implied statements" are now also "violence" that cause "harm".

(3/3) I might have been more sympathetic to the crocodile tears from the other well-known login-with- service providers if they hadn't spend the past half decade implementing shitty and unethical and deceptive behavior leveraged from their login-with-, hidden behind a screen of "inner culture".

(2/3) This is excellent customer-centric and user-centric design.

(1/3) I'm remarkably okay with Apple's requirement that if an iOS app from their app store uses any third-party login-with -service, it must also provide login-with-Apple, and must put the Apple option first. Especially since the login-with-Apple is much more privacy-preserving than the competition.

If your business depends on unwanted reuse of data gathered from login-with- services, your business should die. In a fire.

Today is my 2 year anniversary at Amazon.

I have just introduced someone to the experience that is salmiakki vodka, out of my personal 500ml stash.

"People seem almost afraid of letting anyone hear the coherent and logical versions of their opponents positions."

A duel between an American wielding an American claymore and a Scot wielding a Scottish claymore would be FUNNY.

(2/2) Slightly more seriously, the annual mandatory ethics "training" at my current employer is refreshingly boring. At my previous employer, it was often less boring for the worst reason: it turned into a game of "so what did some slimy sales manager get caught doing last year?" Sometimes it was surprisingly specific.

(1/2) I have been officially annually reminded that it is illegal to pay bribes, pad invoices, falsify paperwork, or perv on my coworkers. It's a good thing I have to do this annually, I mean, people might forget or something, right?

Google is killing the adblock API in Chrome. All the more reason migrate everyone to Firefox and to Brave.

It turns out that a few drops of Yamaroku soy sauce on vanilla ice cream is, in fact, delicious. Recommended.

The famed Stanford Prison Experiment... does not replicate, and was a sham and a lie from the beginning.

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