"Why should those of us building windows care much about the internal bliss of brick throwers?"

I just levelled up as an art collector: I bought a piece, and asked the gallery to keep it on display at their venue.

Mother Nature is an unforgiving hardass that doesn't care about TED talks or about tenure.

John Nada at least could take the glasses off when he got tired of seeing without the comfortable colorful facade

I can tell when someone gives someone else's talk. It's usually cringeworthy at best

"I'm not a business person, but neither are they."

Since when should "the press" get to decide whether someone else be allowed to create something? Since when were they priests?

Why do mirrors reverse left and right? They don't. They reverse front and back.

A dozen Tumblr clones just launched, and none of them federate. So much not learning the lesson!

Space Needle reflection on brand new unfinished Amazon building. Look closely.

"Social media companies must be regulated!" "Ok, here is some more regulation." "Hey, no!, We didn't mean against stuff we like!" "I'm sorry, what did you THINK was going to happen?"

So, it appears that a bunch of Tumblr and Twitter refugees are joining the Fediverse, discovering the presence of Those Horrible People (for many assorted values of THP), and then reverting to the shitty hatemob and dogpile habits that made Twitter and Tumblr a garbage fire in the first place.


hey @TheSSAOIG@twitter.com and @USDS@twitter.com, why doesn't SSA.gov use login.gov?

<< “Our beliefs are deep and sincere, your beliefs are shallow and mercenary” is one of the more popular political fallacies. >>

As of Dec17, Tumblr is banning smut. (Probably wise of them.) Just in time for the fediverse image server implementations to come online.

It's fun to go to the Mourning Market and to the Macabre Market vendor faires, just to remember I was a Goth before I was a Burner.

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