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Imagine, if you will, a rando msm journalist writing an article telling you how to do your own job, after reading a few Wikipedia articles, and interviewing someone who works for your competitors. How badly would they screw it up?

guess how little I care what a cable "news" blowdried botoxed talking face says about what a "journalist" who's done no first person research writes about what some tweeter with a high follow count said about some random person involved in a pointless news event.

"Is there any hope of teaching the general public what the use-mention distinction is?" "No, probably not."

One of the most important and one of the most difficult things to truly understand is: probability estimates themselves have error bars.

If a news article is widely immediately redistributed, it is "truthy". Meaning it is also much less likely to be true.

finished reading "The Comic Book History of Comics". I knew that story was weird, and I knew some of it already. But I had no idea how weird, how fast, and how interconnected it was.

Never forget that science cannot be considered reliable until it is called "engineering".

As I get older, I grow more sympathetic to Jules Winnfield's opinion of the word "what?" as the answer to a question.

I have not read in this century a paid-to-be-written article about gamers written by a professional text content creator (aka so called "journalist") that was worth the oxygen consumed by that writer.

finished reading "Ignition: an informal history of liquid rocket propellants". I want to read another one, about the history of the machines themselves: tanks, plumbing, pumps, injectors, and reaction chambers.

I would what it would take to get Signal to be one of the messaging apps available gratis on Gogo? next to iMessage, WhatsApp, and Viber

When I read a news media article, I play a fun game: how much of the stupid is from the quoted sources, and how much is from the reporter? I wish I could go back to having Gell-Mann Amnesia, it was more comfortable.

on this day in 2007, I checked in at FOO Camp at the O'Reilly Media hq in Sebastopol. It's hard to overstate how much impact that next week would have on my career.

The only thing that will successfully force a corporate swdev team to not break a spec is unforgiving unyielding savage interop testing with a completely different implementation maintained by a different team that is beyond the reach of corporate politics.

I just realized that Star Trek Tribbles are Chtorr Meeps. Which means that the Kingons were entirely correct to despise and eradicate them, Kirk was luckier than he deserved, and the Federation just narrowly averted a multi-planetary ecological catastrophe.

What worklog tools do y'all use? By which I mean "i did this, then i did that, then i call them, and did the thing, and the confirmation number for the thing was foo, and then i went to that meeting, and got the following 3 action items..."

The yahoo "getmydata" claims to have no data from my old messenger account. I know that's not right, there should be thousands of lines of cringyworthy chat transcripts.

Today at work at the end of the day, I achieved inbox zero. Not tickets zero, or todos zero, but I will take the victories I can.

"Deep learning systems aren’t magic; they’re just eyes that see hyperplanes of relatedness in high-dimensional vector spaces."