"Any hyperbolic curve is actually just the first half of a logistic curve. Except black holes."

"If you pile up enough context, you can bury the actual story."

It's not possible to worship evil ironically. However, almost impossible to not do so sardonically.

"one of the great achievements of Stalinism was to replace all discussion involving arguments and evidence with the question of motive" – Christopher Hitchens

Is Linus Torvalds somewhere out there in the Fediverse?

I just read the collected "The Infamous Iron Man". If Marvel forces status quo to override this character evolution, I'm going to be sorely disappointed, but sadly not surprised. Most interesting best written Von Doom, evar.

In a related note, when a talking head show pays James Clapper to speak to support their narrative, they've lost the argument and their credibility. As has anyone who watches that show and then tries to quote it at me.

just read «Moving to a World Beyond “p < 0.05”». Direct and sardonic. Hopefully effective.

"japanese production companies would do well to no longer use american production companies for localisation and should control the international distribution themselves"

When was the last time James Clapper didn't lie?

The general law of security breaches: It's always worse than originally reported.

"Authoritarians and investigators seem to believe that it is the duty of citizens to keep detailed records of their exploits and to make everything transparent, to make investigations easy. This is neither the law or reasonable."

One modus ponens is another’s modus tollens.

"One of the biggest challenges Zoe Keating always had in making a full-time living as a successful independent musician is not piracy, but rather the legacy industry getting in the way and KEEPING MONEY IT OWES HER."

"Nerds aren’t typically bitter; they’re just well informed." -- Michael "Rands" Lopp

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